AT&T is trading around just $30 a share. As the world’s largest telecommunications company, I think they are worth a look to buy at the current price. Although there are concerns about their entertainment group suffering from the lockdown during the Coronavirus, the bulk of their revenues are still coming from wireless services that should not suffer much even under the current situation. Last year they generated 71.1 billion from their wireless service operations.

Their 2019 accomplishments were all met, generating more than $29 billion of FCF. EPS was also increased to $3.57, a 1.4% increase. AT&T has also reduced debt to $151B in 2019, well meeting their goals. And a current dividend of $2.08 a share makes this an attractive stock to hold during this volatile time. I also anticipate AT&T to buy back some shares at the current low price which could also drive up the price.

For me, this is a bargain at this price. I will be adding them to my paper portfolio.