Johnson Matthey’s (JMAT) share price has dropped nearly 40% since last year this time. I will add JMAT to my paper trading portfolio. This is an attractive bargain stock to buy during this time for 2 reasons. First that JMAT pays a high dividend yield of over 4% historically, and second is that this is the lowest market value in at least 5 years. As a multinational that supplies chemical world wide, I don’t believe this is a company that will struggle after the Covid-19 pandemic to recover. The financials look good with the 2018-2019 revenue at over 10.7 billion pounds with a P/E ratio of around 9. I think this stock is severely undervalued.

I also sold my Vangard Emerging Markets ETF. This one was a loser for me, losing 13% in value since last week. I was too optimistic, but now I do not think the emerging markets will do as well to recover, with many of them just beginning to experience the spread of the virus into their countries. So I think it would be better to cut my losses with this pick.